Don’t Give Yourself Ticks; Go Organic

Sorry for the sense of humor. Perhaps it has been pretty painful for some of you reading this now. You’ve been up in arms and nervous as hell trying to get rid of those ticks. But then again, maybe you deserve this. At least it’s not been a hard smack in the face.

organic tick control

But it may well surprise you. Because here’s the thing. This organic tick control thing really works. Cool bananas. Well, yeah, make that organic too. They taste so much better and they’re a lot healthier for you too.

No more knots in your stomach like. No more nervous butterflies. But where’s the lesson in this. This is the thing about ticks.

And don’t blame poor old Fido for this. It wouldn’t have mattered if he had brought these things, these critters in anyhow. And that’s another thing, organic tick control is good for the dawg too. Yes, it’s cleaning his old coat shiny again. But it’s also toxin and poison free, so he won’t be getting the heebie-jeebies no more and he won’t be getting sick.

Yeah, it wouldn’t have mattered whether the dog brought in the ticks and fleas in anyhow. And yes, quite right, they do love to suck the life’s blood out of this poor old animal. The thing is, these critters are attracted to dirt. It’s a thing for them. Dust and debris, they just love it. Piles of it and you’ll hear these things applauding like they were at the opera. Or at a mean rock head banging concert.

So, there you go. No more head banging please and just clean your place up already. The organic tick control may certainly work but keeping a clean house certainly does help a lot.